Free Astronomy Magazine July-August 2015 - page 9

and, more in general,
of a stronger devel-
opment of astronau-
tics in their State.
The reason for such
high profile endorse-
ment is due to the
fact that the Emir-
ates’ rulers see the
aerospace industry as
a promising area in
which to invest to de-
velop and establish
new professionalisms.
To this regard, this
is what HH Sheikh
Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, ruler of Abu
Dhabi and President of the United Arab
Emirates, has said to the Emirates News
Agency: “
The U.A.E. Mars probe represents
the Islamic world's entry into the era of
space exploration. We will prove that we
are capable of delivering new scientific
contributions to humanity. The U.A.E.'s pur-
pose is to build Emirati technical and intel-
lectual capabilities in the fields of aero-
space and space exploration and to enter
the space industry and to make use of space
technology in a way that enhances the
country's development plans”
Equally significant are the declarations
made by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid
Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and also Vice-
President and Prime Minister of the UAE,
whom, in formalising the creation of the
new space agency, said:
“Despite all the
tensions and the conflicts across the Middle
East, we have proved today how positive
a contribution the Arab people can make
to humanity through great achievements,
n this spectacu-
lar side video,
the Emirates
Mars Mission’s
managers sum-
marize the pur-
poses of the pro-
ject. The diagram
below shows the
scientific instru-
ments and the
main structural
components of
Hope. [Moham-
med bin Rashid
Space Centre]
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