Free Astronomy Magazine July-August 2015 - page 8

how of foreign space agencies, are already
actively working on the project – a number
set to double by 2020.
So far, the UAE had limited themselves to
send in the near space some satellites for
telecommunications purpose and the ob-
servation and mapping of the Earth’s sur-
face, but with the Emirates Mars Mission
their approach to astronautics has taken a
huge leap forward, making it necessary to
create a new space agency and other insti-
tutions connected to it. Hope will be jointly
developed by the UAE Space Agency and
the Emirates Institution for Advanced Sci-
ence and Technology (EIAST). The first will
implement, according to a seven-year agree-
ment, all phases of the project under the
supervision of the second, which will also
deal with the allocation of the budget
made available by governmental institu-
tions. Last April, the EIAST became part of
a new entity directly created by the highest
government representatives, the Moham-
med bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC),
whose task is to oversee the mission to
Mars, promote new astronautical projects,
enhance the acquired skills and knowledge
and develop new technologies.
The Emirates’ rulers have personally come
out in favour of the Arab mission to Mars
ummary of the
scientific objec-
tives and struc-
tures on which
Hope will focus its
attention during
the mission be-
tween 2021 and
2023. The probe’s
observations will
be fundamental
to the knowledge
of the Martian at-
mosphere. [Mo-
hammed bin Ra-
shid Space Centre]
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