Free Astronomy Magazine July-August 2015 - page 7

molecules. As said, Hope will also be the
first spacecraft to study the interactions
between the atmosphere and topography
of Mars, and thus the role of volcanic
peaks, deep canyons and desert expanses in
the development and evolution of meteo-
rological phenomena. All this in order to
create the first integrated model of the
Martian atmosphere, namely a clear over-
view of that gas structure. To this end, it
will also be useful the data being collected
by the NASA’s MAVEN probe, particularly
in the highest part of the Martian atmo-
sphere, the one directly interacting with
the solar wind. Hope and MAVEN will joint-
ly provide a fairly accurate answer to the
issue of the dispersion of the Martian at-
mosphere, which is crucial for determining
the time frame in which Mars was habitable
like Earth.
It is estimated that during the nominal mis-
sion Hope will send to the Science Data
Centre in the UAE about 1,000 gigabytes of
new data, which will be made available to
the international scientific community. The
Emirates have already invested nearly $6
billion in space technologies, while 75 local
engineers, benefiting in part of the know-
ight, an art-
ist’s rendition
of Hope in orbit
around Mars. Be-
low, HH Sheikh
Mohammed Bin
Rashid Al Mak-
toum announces,
during a historic
meeting held in
Dubai on last 6
May, the Emirates
Mars Mission
plans. [Moham-
med bin Rashid
Space Centre]
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