Free Astronomy Magazine July-August 2015 - page 6

haviour of gaseous masses in the presence
of particular conformations of the Martian
The Emirates’ interplanetary mission, be-
sides being the first in the entire Arab
world, it will also be the first ever to study
the dynamic variations of the Martian at-
mosphere during daily and seasonal cycles.
The instruments of the probe, named Hope
after a survey conducted among the Arab
population, will enable scientists to observe
weather phenomena of various kinds, from
simple clouds to storms, from ice formation
at different altitudes to the distribution of
gaseous masses and of the elements consti-
tuting them, with special attention to water
he trajectory
that Hope will
follow on its jour-
ney toward Mars.
The probe will
enter into an ellipti-
cal orbit with a
minimum distance
from the planet of
22,000 km and pe-
riod of 55 hours.
[Mohammed bin
Rashid Space Cen-
tre] On the side, the
major proponents
of the Emirates
Mars Mission, the
President of the
United Arab Emir-
ates, HH Sheikh
Khalifa bin Zayed Al
Nahyan (left), and
(right) the Vice-Pres-
ident, HH Sheikh
Mohammed Bin Ra-
shid Al Maktoum,
the governmental
authority most di-
rectly involved in
the aerospace pro-
jects of the Emirates.
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