Free Astronomy Magazine July-August 2015 - page 11

the aerospace sector, it is easy to predict a
further flourishing of skilled professionals
within this fertile reality. A project that
has already been completed is the Sharjah
Centre for Space Sciences and Astronomy
(SCSSA), at the University City of Sharjah,
inaugurated last May by HH Dr. Sheikh Sul-
tan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme
Council Member and ruler of the Sharjah
Emirate. The new facil-
ity provides study and
research programs, in-
cluding advanced labo-
ratories, a planetarium
with more than 10 mil-
lion stars and a perma-
nent exhibition trac-
ing the Muslims’ contri-
bution to astronomy,
the history of the tele-
scope and the con-
quest of space. Now we
just have to wait for the
actual construction of
Hope and related tests.
Given the authorita-
tiveness of who has pro-
moted the mission, we
can be sure that every-
thing will proceed ac-
cording to plans.
will be less plentiful. The rulers have placed
great store on their internal forces, so much
so that today all the engineers involved
in the Hope mission are UAE nationals; a
noteworthy accomplishment for a country
where about 80% of its population is con-
stituted by foreigners. Considering also the
plan to establish new university courses
aimed at promoting career opportunities in
ther photos
of the meet-
ing held in Dubai,
which marked a
turning point in
the planning of
the technological,
scientific and
future of the
United Arab Emir-
ates. [Moham-
med bin Rashid
Space Centre]
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