Free Astronomy Magazine July-August 2015 - page 10

given the right circumstances and ingre-
dients. Our destiny is, once again, to ex-
plore, to create, to build and to civilise.
The Emirates Mars Mission will be a great
contribution to human knowledge, a mile-
stone for Arab civilisation, and a real in-
vestment for future generations. We chose
the epic challenge of reaching Mars be-
cause epic challenges inspire us and moti-
vate us. The moment we stop taking on
such challenges is the moment we stop mov-
ing forward”.
Thus, the mission to Mars is considered a
turning point in the development of the
Emirates, who see in
space technology an
important compo-
nent for their na-
tional economy in
future years. This vi-
sion of things goes
well beyond the
Hope project, as it is
a far-sighted way to invest the proceeds
from the export of oil and natural gas, a
strategy that will surely have a positive im-
pact on the economy in the medium to
long term, when the rich mineral resources
ome highlights
during the Du-
bai presentation
of the Emirates
Mars Mission
plans. At the top
are recognizable
Omran Sharaf, the
mission’s project
manager, and
Sarah Amiri, depu-
ty project manag-
er and scientific
director. [Moham-
med bin Rashid
Space Centre]
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