l'Astrofilo dicembre 2011

The Ri ccardi L arge A strograph, RiLA, is the first of its kind by the Italian optical design engineer Massimo Riccardi. The new optical design is the result of a modification of the Harmer-Wynne scheme, and is made up of an aspherical primary mirror, a spherical secondary, and a lens group in the back. The RiLA is corrected in the near-infrared with over 80% of the energy focused into a spot with a 4-6 micron RMS. The resulting telescope is extremely compact and lightweight. The main design goal of the RiLA was to cover a VERY WIDE CORRECTED FIELD with a fast F-ratio. SPECIFICATIONS: Optical set: RiLA , two mirrors and back lens group Clear aperture: 400, 600 (2011) and 800 (2012) mm Focal ratio: f/3.8 (400 mm), f/3.7 (600 mm) Corrected field: 60 mm (400 mm), 90 mm (600 mm) Spot Size inside full circle: 4 to 6 microns RMS Weight: 41 kg / 90.4 Lbs (400 mm) Lenght: 875 mm / 34.5” (400 mm) Max outside diameter: 590 mm / 23.2” (400 mm) Standard configuration: zero expansion carbon truss tube design, four Losmandy type dove- tails, three fans, mirror heating, TC-1 controller, shroud and cap covers. Main optional accessories: digital focusers, finderscope, additional dovetail bars, customized imaging train parts. www.officinastellare.com info@officinastellare.com